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Pinecrest is an unincorporated community in Tuolumne County, California, United States. Pinecrest is located near Pinecrest Lake northwest of Mi-Wuk Village. Pinecrest Lake sits in what was once a meadow surrounded by granite outcroppings. Originally, Pinecrest Lake was called Strawberry Flat because of the wild strawberries that once grew there. In the 1960s the name was officially changed to Pinecrest. The campground adjacent to the lake is under the white fir, cedar, and sugar pine trees.

Prior to the California Gold Rush of 1848 anthropologists agree that the first inhabitants of Pinecrest were the early bands of Me-Wuk Indians. History shows that the area which is now Pinecrest was used by the Me-Wuks as a trading ground. Scattered throughout the forest you can still find evidence of ancient grinding rocks used by the Me-Wuks in areas assumed to be their campsites. As the Gold Rush began the Me-Wuks were treated poorly by the early settlers; leading to the diminishing numbers of Me-Wuk Indians. Over time miners and settlers began searching for new opportunities. Soon, logging became a major industry in the area. With logging came the development of many foothill towns. Water was vital to the survival of these towns. Many lakes, such as Pinecrest were developed in order to sell and provide water to the foothill towns.

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