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Site of the famous Soulsby Mine discovered by Benjamin Soulsby, Soulsbyville is the first community in Tuolumne County to be founded (1855) entirely upon the operation of a lode mine. First to work the mine were hard rock miners from Cornwall, England, the first group of 499 Cornishmen arrived in 1858. -State Historical Landmark number 420. For more about other gold finds see the Rockhounding section in the recreation guide.

The elementary school song about the town goes like this: “Drop on by, we’re up the hill. We’re the kids from Soulsbyville. See the town with the old saw mill, we’re the kids from Soulsbyville. Living here is mighty fine, thanks to Ben Soulsby’s old gold mine, come see us, if you will. WE’RE THE KIDS FROM SOULSBYVILLE!”.

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